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Natasha van Netten Designs

Grey Whale Wire Sculpture

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This Wire Whale spins and shifts when suspended from a hook — creating a three-dimensional drawing in the air. Each sculpture is a unique artwork is individually made. The whales are "drawn" freehand using a dark metal wire. Every whale emerges slightly different and has it's own unique character and personality. The creation process is similar to drawing because it involves basic drawing elements: line and form. When the wire is bent and twisted, it is reminiscent of moving a pen across a piece of paper. For best visual impactful, use directional lighting to create dynamic shadows cast by your whale. 

Please use the Contact Form if you have any specific requirements or commission requests.

Approximate size: Length 6" - 8" (152.4 - 203.2mm), width 2" - 3" (50.8 - 76.2mm), height 3" - 4" (76.2 - 101.6mm).